Africa is a magical place, from its diverse cultures to the warmth of its people. It is no wonder that there is an ever-growing enthusiasm for Africa’s ingredients and cuisines amongst consumers from around the world. Amongst the many wonderfully crafted and beautiful packaged products, there is however, one brand that captures the warmth, flavour and magical essence of Africa: the unique and proudly South African range of PEPPADEW® products.


The irresistible red peppers, loved for their gorgeous and very distinctive spicy and sweet flavour, were first commercially grown and are still bottled and marketed under the PEPPADEW® brand in the Tzaneen region of South Africa. The name Tzaneen is derived from the Venda name Dzudzanani which means  ”living together in harmony”.


This beautiful, subtropical, small town paradise, in the foothills of the majestic Wolkberg (Cloud Mountain) mountain range in Limpopo province, has always been the home of Peppadew International and the heartland of the PEPPADEW® brand. It is here amongst rugged outcrops, pristine beauty and bountiful farmlands that the brand is cultivated and nourished.