Tritech National Science Fair

The aim of the Tritech National Science Fair Competition is to encourage learners to become scientists and ultimately address the skills shortage in our country and the world.

Little Bit of Background on the Tritech Science Fair

Founded in 2009, Tritech is an exciting national science competition open to all Gr 7 – 12 learners. The aim of this competition is to encourage learners to become scientists and ultimately address the skills shortage in our country and the world. What learners need to do is to identify a problem in a specific field. Then find solutions using technology available, think critically, collect data and analyse information. Communicate findings to fellow students, teachers and other knowledgeable people.

Tritech has grown from in learner participation from 78 in 2009 to over 7000 learners articipation at school level in 2017. Increased interest is evident from academic institutions and scientific publications. More than one hundred and fifty learners from grades seven to matric converged in Tzaneen for the ninth National Tritech competition on 15th and 16th September 2017 where we are once again, saw some fascinating projects at this year’s National round.

 Tritech is a registered non-profit company (registration number: 2015/347 674/08)

Looking at the pool of talent that these participants have, it is really quite humbling. If they use the talents well ….. they can look forward to a very bright future.
It really is a privilege to see like-minded people pull together, to make Tritech happen. A sincere and heartfelt word of thanks to you all.
This year we had 17 schools taking part in the competition.

A Few Fun Facts

Knowledge Level of the Judges:
We had an incredible number of 79 reviewers this year.

Highest Qualifications:
7% = Matric
8 ‰ = Diploma
39% = Degree
19% = Honours
8% = Masters
6% = Doctors

At least 85% have already completed academic research projects themselves. In addition to this 50% were teachers from 12 participating schools. We would like to encourage all schools to provide judges in future.

The average marks given by these groups are as follows:
Doctor = 64%
Masters = 74%
Honours = 72%
Degree = 77%
Diploma = 75%
Matric = 76%

Besides the doctors, the average score of the other groups are very similar.

Scores are generated by at least 4 judges, the combined children’s score represents one extra judge. Over the years it has been amazing to see that there were minimal differences between the kids and the adult judges’ scoring. The participation of kids encourages interest and experience in analytical thinking whilst also helping them think about how to improve their own projects.
The final points were also reviewed by a panel consisting of a senior judge from each region and projects were visited again before final decisions were made.
We know that every participant worked very hard and hats off to them. This is great and will be a life skills building experience. Well done. Just making it through to the Finals is in itself a huge achievement. Remember that it’s not about winning or losing, it is rather about learning and growing.

Our aim is to encourage and train future scientists and each participant is given a fair chance at the national level. We really do have the kids’ best interests at heart.

Tritech however remains a competition and not everyone can be awarded gold. One could perhaps say that this is all part of the lessons from life and see what we can learn from it.

One of the founding principles of Tritech was that marks will not be tampered with and that the judges marks are final.

The participants, judges and the committee are all doing this out of their own free will and in their own time. Feedback from judges often underscores the kids passion, dedication and enthusiasm. It is amazing to see how a love for science and a genuine concern for children can often gel at Tritech.

The judges spent a whopping 320 hours judging our learners at the 2017 Tritech Nationals. These are professionals who selflessly give of their time to make a positive impact on the lives of young scientists and their marks deserve to be respected.
Tritech also is about fun and each year we try to have different activities. The feedback and joy that was generated is amazing. Friends were made and many muscles were very sore the following day. We trust that you had fun on your Tritech journey.

If there are any suggestions to improve Tritech, we would like to hear from you. We really want to promote a passion for science, be fair and encourage the students..

Next year Tritech will be 10 years old. We would like to ask you, so long, to let your creative juices flow. Looking forward to seeing you in 2018.

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