Social Responsibility

At Peppadew® International, we are proud to be South African, and to support the communities where we work – communities that were disadvantaged before we arrived.

To produce Peppadew® Whole Peppadew Peppers, there’s a lot of picking and deseeding by hand – so to date we’ve created more than 4,800 agricultural jobs. Also, there are more than 200 people working in our factory. Based in Tzaneen, a small town in the Limpopo Province, our processing and bottling plant includes new deseeding halls, which offer spacious, comfortable working conditions.

As well as the employment we’ve created, we also partner with around 80 farmers. Many of these are developing and building up their farms, and we support them through capital training, which includes detailed manuals on all aspects of commercial farming. We also visit these farmers regularly to offer technical help.
Of course, we also invest in our own people, encouraging them to improve their skills through a variety of courses during the off-crop season.

“As more and more consumers experience the unmistakable taste of Peppadew® Peppers, our vision is to continue creating opportunities and prosperity for all involved in this uniquely South African success story.”