About Peppadew® International

Peppadew® International is an established innovative
South African company which produces and markets
a range of products under the contemporary
Peppadew® Brand.

The Peppadew® Products are a worldwide success which take our consumers on a culinary adventure. The Peppadew® difference is rooted in taste, quality and passion.

An unwavering commitment to quality sees the Peppadew® International team working with established farmers, transport, processing and packaging specialists to ensure the quality of every product manufactured by Peppadew® is a pleasant and safe experience.

The cycle of quality starts with ensuring that we procure and test to stringent standards the best quality ingredients available. All Peppadew® products are produced in a modern production facilities which are FSSC 22 000 accredited.

The Peppadew® Brand has a strong visual identity which supports the brand’s personality conveying quality, modernity and contemporary style.

Our Peppadew® Brand promise
For consumers who enjoy good food and good company and who like to add a little spice to life. Peppadew® offers a unique range of products. Peppadew® Products are packed full of flavour and so versatile that people want to use them with everything.

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